Held by Prof. Adrian Petrescu, Ph.D. Eng. (I and II), s.l. dr. ing. Nirvana Popescu (I), conf. dr. ing. Cornel Popescu (I), sl. dr. ing. Decebal Popescu (II)
    Code: 03.S.05.O.101, 102
    Objectives: Digital computers structure, architecture, operation. Digital computers register transfer level, description and design. A quantitative approach
    Contents: Digital computers: structure, architecture, functional units. Register transfer level hardware description languages. Digital computer arithmetic. Data path and control units, micro-programming, design. Instructions set design. Case study: a RISC processor design, single cycle, multiple cycles, pipelining. Memory unit design, cache memory, main memory, virtual memory. I/O unit design

VLSI Design
Held by Prof. Adrian Petrescu, Ph.D. Eng.
    Code: 03.S.08.O.107
    Objectives: Large scale digital circuits fabrication and design
    Contents: CMOS circuits. CMOS fabrication technology. Design rules. Circuits characterization and  performances evaluation. Logical design. Design structured methods. CMOS subsystems design: execution units, control units, memory units. Case studies. Numerical algorithms - VLSI implementation

Master Courses...
Held by Prof. Adrian Petrescu, Ph.D. Eng.
    Objectives: Advanced VLSI Design
    Contents: Design and implementation of large-scale digital systems in CMOS VLSI: technology issues, VLSI implementation styles, design methodologies, CAD algorithms and tools, architectural considerations, clocking schemes, power distribution, I/O and packaging issues, verification and testing. Extensive use of CAD tools. Multi-person design project.